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Go ahead, people……Drool over these pictures………..

Do you have “thrift envy” yet?? :)

This page is dedicated to all the wonderful things I have been finding at thrift stores!


$25 score from an estate sale!

With wood and detailing this beautiful, I’m not sure I have the heart to paint it! We shall see….

This vanity was only $11.00!! I’m envisioning coral…….

I got this buffet at the thrift store for FREE! See this post for more details on how I scored this baby!

These lovely wrought iron chairs were only $15 each. A little rusty, but nothing I can’t sand down! I plan to paint them a soft blue, turquoise, or yellow!

I couldn’t NOT buy these $5.00 shadow boxes to hang on the wall. I wanted to get some pretty faux flowers to display inside, along with painting the outside, and lining the inside.  

 $28  ~ This desk will be hubby’s.
Don’t let the “poor-evening-lighting-captured-with-a-cell-phone” fool you– the top is white, as well….not baby blue. LOL. It was only $25, and I cannot WAIT to get started on THIS piece!

FREE on the side of the road….and I’m not too proud to bust a “U” turn to go scoop up a sweet piece like this!
I went crazy when i saw this piece, only $60-ish! Read THIS to see what I had to go through to get this secretary desk. WHEW!

Only $5.00 each…..they’re not candleholders, because they’re hollow in the middle and the candle would fall through. So I’m going to ATTEMPT to make LAMPS out of them! *crossing my fingers*

$15 ~ This will be refinished and used with my $12 dining room table that I refinished.
$60….NOT the cheapest thrift store find, but I love it all the same :) Currently this chair is stripped and awaiting furniture tacks!
My favorite dresser! About $50 (and $25 to haul) from the thrift store. If you knew what it took to get this dresser….ay, yay, yay…. But so, so, cute, and worth the fight!!! And it’s going right in my bedroom :) 

These were actually found on the side of the road on my way home from work, for only $35 each. And the guy delivered them for free! I’ve already made over one of them, and the other one is next!

$5 from the thrift store. It’s lonely out there in my filthy garage. LOL

$10 piano bench from the thrift store. What a cute idea for an foyer, right?? Store kids’ gloves and hats! And put some batting and fabric on the top!

FREEBIE from my grandfather. Solid wood. It’s a bit LOW, so not sure what I’ll be doing with it. Nice idea for a play table for the kids, perhaps?

$5 shelf from the thrift store. For my crafting room! And it will hold alllll my little crafting paints and crafting doo-dads. I love this piece!!!

$15 from the thrift store. I’m addicted to the Queen Anne feet style of furniture, so I couldn’t pass this up. Not sure where I’ll be putting it, though. LOL

$20 from the thrift store. I imagine a nice, simply console, or a sideboard in the dining room, with plants on top!

$40 sewing cabinet for my crafting room! ($25 to haul). Total score, for my crafting room! I just hope my Bernina sewing machine fits in, in place of the old one. I love how it all just folds away neatly. Not sure on how I will be refinishing this yet, but my crafting room is turquoise!

$6 (each) stools from the thrift store. I’m in the process of refinishing them for my brother-in-law’s new bachelor pad :)

 So there you have it! A hodge-podge of projects awaiting me, and oh-so-little time, thus the reason you can usually find me up until…….oh…..3:00 a.m.???? Hey, I’ve got 3 kids, yo. Mommy needs “her time,” too!
Soooo…..out of all the upcoming projects you see here, which ones look like your favorites?? Any suggestions on how I should refinish them?

Happy thrift-diving!

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  1. Deny says:

    Wow, you have quite a few projects to start! My favorite is the desk and the dresser! Totally my style!

  2. Lindy Mint says:

    Oooh. I definitely have thrift envy!

    My favorite is the console table. Such simple lines. And if the existing finish is in good condition, I’d keep it that way. It has a great farmhouse charm.

    Happy sanding!

  3. Serena says:

    Hey, Lindy! You’ve got a great point there; it DOES have a nice, rustic charm! I may have to take your advice. No work required! Anything that frees me up for more projects is welcomed!

  4. Wow, that sewing table is amazing. Great finds!

  5. You have quite the collection! I wish my Salvation Army was reasonable with their prices. Furniture starts around $150 and goes up from there. Ridiculous!

  6. Serena says:

    Liz, thanks! I can’t wait to put the sewing table in my yet-to-be-completed-because-I-have-way-too-much-stuff-going-on crafting room :)

    Nancy, I’m in love with my collection! It’s so funny because when my husband complains about too much crap being in the garage (um…I believe the uses the term “hoarder”?? lol), I try to act like I’m going to give THIS piece away…..THAT piece away….SELL this piece….but when it comes down to it, that stuff ain’t going NOwhere! It’s too good to part with!!!! :) Sorry to hear your Salvation Army sucks in prices! What state are you in? Check out this website http://www.imunique.com to see if my favorite thrift store has a location near you. They have big warehouse-type set-ups, and you find sooo much good stuff for affordable prices! Check back and let me know what you find out!

  7. Awesome work Serena. Do you do work for other people for a fee?

    Rashidah Martin

  8. Serena says:

    Rashidah, thanks! I am not at the point where I will customize furniture for other people yet, but that’s where I’ll be headed soon enough!

  9. Sanjib Saha says:

    Serena, good job!!! One thing i would like to say you is that your blog that your blog takes a lots of time to open may be due to ore number of pictures. Why don’t you o anything to increase the speed?

  10. skipandearl says:

    great finds! look forward to seeing the end product!

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