Ten “Come Backs” to Rude Insults About Thrift Stores

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Vintage clockSome people just don’t “get” thrift stores. Okay, so you’ve got Macklemore (or however you spell his name) rappin’ about how cool thrift diving is. And it’s generally accepted! In fact, when you thrift dive nowadays, you get extra “cool” points.

But even though it’s considered hip and trendy now to buy other people’s used junk and then rock it, some people are still clueless.

And some can be downright MEAN.

And I’m sure if you’re as thrift store obsessed as me, you’ve come across that ONE jerk who says the most insulting things to you about thrift stores.

When that happens, shock them.

Give them something to REALLY talk about! Hell, have a little fun with it!

Here’s a list of 10 creative things you can DO or SAY to people (or even friends!!) that think they’re doing you a favor by insulting your thrift obsession:

INSULT #1: “That’s gross that you wear other people’s used clothes.”

COME BACK #1: “Oh, it’s awesome! I love when the crotch gets worn and tattered! It feels much softer against my legs that tend to chaff when I wear itchy new clothes.”


INSULT #2: “You’re just collecting junk.”

COME BACK#2: “Yeah, all this ‘junk’ only earned me an extra $5,000 this year on eBay when I sold it to people like you searching for ‘vintage’ treasures.”


INSULT #3: “Thrift stores stink.”

COME BACK #3: “It’s actually a special scent that management sprays inside to keep people like you away.”


INSULT #4: “You shouldn’t tell people where you got that from.”

COME BACK #4: “I also shouldn’t tell people that I know you, now, should I? But I just can’t keep my mouth shut.”


INSULT #5: “You’re just cheap!”

COME BACK #5 “OMG, we have so much in common! Your ex-boyfriend said the same thing about you when he woke up with you the next morning after your first date! Well, whatdaya know!”


INSULT #6: “I didn’t know you were so poor.”

COME BACK #6: “Yeah! I mean, after I spent all my money on my iPad, Nikon DSLR, and iMac, I can’t afford anything!!”


INSULT #7: “Don’t you ever buy anything NEW?”

COME BACK #7: “Yes. I plan to buy some new friends as soon as we’re done this conversation. Are we finished yet?”


INSULT #8: “You’re going to bring home BED BUGS!”

COME BACK #8: Immediately insert scratching of various body parts here. “No I’m not. I heard that bed bugs can’t survive on anything but mattresses.” Insert imaginary picking of little bugs off your shoulder and flick at the offending jerk.


INSULT #9: “Please don’t start buying UNDERWEAR from thrift stores, okay??”

COME BACK #9: “Underwear?? Who wears UNDERWEAR anymore?? That’s soooo ’90s!”


INSULT #10: “You’re going to end up on ‘Hoarders.’”

COME BACK #10: “Oh, you didn’t know?! TLC has this new “Hoarders At Home” challenge! I’ve submitted my application! The winner gets a $10,000 shopping spree to the Goodwill!! Cross your fingers for me!!”



Now You’re Armed and Ready….

If anyone dares to mess with your thrift obsession, you have some pretty cool “come backs” to put them in their place :)

Leave a comment below with your own creative responses!

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LIFE shouldn't be financial suicide! Thrift Diving is about finding cheap solutions to life's expenses, via thrift stores and second-hand goods: I paint used furniture and decorate my house with it....my family rocks cute thrift store clothing.....and I invest tons of DIY (do-it-yourself) home improvement hours into fixing up our old 1973 single-family home. Thrift Diving is about turning the "expensive" into the "affordable." Thanks for joining me! Happy Thrift Diving!

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  1. Tamra says:


  2. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    Hahaha! Brilliant!

  3. Sherry Holland says:

    Good ones!! Some would say to me “I thought thrift stores were only for poor people!” My answer, “Well, then a lot of poor people must drive the new Mercedes, BMWs and Lexuses I see parked there!”

  4. Brooke says:


  5. Scott says:

    Sounds like someone got snubbed in the Goodwill parking lot…

  6. Sharon V says:

    In a traditional clothing store setting, one never really knows how many people have tried on the “brand new” top, pants, dress etc that you just paid full retail for….so it may really be no different than a “new to you” garment from a thrift store!

  7. Thistle says:


    It was so wonderful to meet you at Haven! You are hilarious! I’m glad I have a response now to the next person who makes fun of my thrift store furniture!

    Happy day!
    Thistle recently posted…DIY Side TableMy Profile

  8. Lush says:

    I ask them if they really feel comfortable contributing to the destruction of the planet by supporting the production of so much new stuff when we already have more than enough for several lifetimes & loads of it just ends up as landfill.
    Usually stops them in their tracks.
    So many noble reasons to thrift dive when possible! So few to support buying new all the time!
    Besides these are the same folks that usually salivate over antique stores. Same Same, just more expensive LOL.
    Worthing, UK
    Lush recently posted…A little sewing, at last!My Profile

    • Hey Lush! OMG, love your name! And that’s a great point. Shopping at thrift stores is good for the planet. People think it’s only about being cheap, but it’s not! :) Thanks for the comment!
      Serena Appiah recently posted…10 Creative Responses to Insults about Thrift StoresMy Profile

      • Sherry Holland says:

        ALL of my furniture was either handed down from my parents (antiques they bought at auctions) or I bought at yard sales or thrift stores. Unbelievable how much crappy pressed board “furniture” is being made and sold for big bucks while contributing to forest destruction, etc. The crappy stuff only lasts a few years while I have gorgeous 100 year old oak pieces!

  9. Lush says:

    Oh, just remembered the other one.
    Well don’t worry, not everyone can be creative, I am sure you have other talents.
    Subtle. LOL
    Lush recently posted…Oh I do love to be beside the Seaside!!!My Profile

  10. Cute post! As an avid thrifter, I must admit though, I have been to some STINKY stores, lol!
    Laurel (@abubblylife) recently posted…Kalia’s 2nd Birthday- Dress Up Party!My Profile

  11. Hi Serena! So great to meet you! I love your blog and had fun looking at it. Safe travels home beautiful!! I just added you to my Bloglovin’ so I can follow you in our little blogosphere! xo Kristin
    Kristin @ bliss-athome.com recently posted…Haven 2013 >>> We are Here!My Profile

    • Kristin!!! So fun to meet you! Congrats on winning something at the closing ceremony! I can’t remember what it was, but I saw you! :) Anyhow, you were awesome, and I really would like to keep in touch with you! :)

  12. Trisha D. says:


    When they ask about wearing used clothes my usual response: “I think I saw Mrs. Crabs try on that brand new swimsuit before your purchase. Oh and those new shoes, I bet you didn’t sanitize them after Ms Athletes Feet tried them on.”

    Keep rockin on!
    Trisha D.
    Trisha D. recently posted…Redesign underway!My Profile

  13. Mel Cole says:

    yeah!!! we thrifters rock the world! :D i don’t care about those people complaining. it’s not their cents anyway…
    Mel Cole recently posted…Canvas On Demand 16×20 Photo Canvas Review & GiveawayMy Profile

  14. Denise says:

    Hilarious! Love it Serena!
    Denise recently posted…Fall 2013 Leather Fashion TrendMy Profile

  15. DesignedByBH says:

    I love your responses! Mine aren’t normally that creative. Mine normally include four letter words…(you know, like “sooo?”) :)
    DesignedByBH recently posted…Fall 2013 Wedding TrendsMy Profile

  16. OMG I ENJOYED READING THIS!!!! The funniest had to be #3. That is so funny!!! I have to use that one day.

    Nifty Thrifty

  17. No creative responses from me because I don’t have time for rude people. I give them “that look” and move on, well out of range of their nastiness. Don’t argue with stupid people…first they’ll drag you down to their level and then beat you over the head with experience.
    Trust me, it’s simply not worth my precious time.
    Sandra at Thistle Cove Farm recently posted…Get NekkidMy Profile

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