Ross vs. the Thrift Store

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I usually find total SCORES at the thrift store, but today, Ross was the clear winner with this find!

I went there looking for a toilet paper holder and a towel ring for my half-bathroom I am currently working on, but instead, this baby was sitting out, just calling my name.
I loved the rustic feel of it, but am still not sure if I will keep that finish or not. It depends on what I plan to do with the total score of a dining room table that I found a couple weeks ago at my favorite thrift store for only $12.00 (haha, still can’t believe THAT things! Pics to come….). 
Anyhow, it was marked $41.99, which was discounted from some other unknown price hidden under the discounted tag. Because there are some nails needed on that small piece shown below, I asked for a further discount….and they gave it to me! A whole 20% off!!
(Lesson learned–never be afraid to ask for a discount; you never know what you may get!)

I can’t wait to use it!
And last but not least……
Remember the drafting table that I found at the thrift store that I bought for $30, but found a similar one online that is listed on eBay for over $400??? We finally figured out how to put it together! It’s now ready to go into my crafting room (which is still a work in progress–looks like a hurricane blew through it right now!).  
Can’t wait to put it to good use!!

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